We want to disrupt markets, re-define industries and empower people to alter the way they live.

Kinetik is an unconventional $500m investment company. We’re entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs, without the limitations of a VC company. We have the freedom to invest in whom we want, when we wish.

We invest in ideas. We work with entrepreneurs to take an idea from concept to completion; from initial stage to profit using our vision, financial power and operational know-how. We invest in businesses, when we share their values and we can add value.

We seek ideas free of the constraints of countries and cultures. We’re not interested in incremental change. We want to disrupt markets, re-define industries and empower  people to alter the way they live. We want to create a collection of unique companies, where each one is the next big thing. The companies we invest in share life-changing ideas and brave, progressive entrepreneurs, beyond this each investment is an exciting journey we’ve travelled many times before.

We want to make Kinetik the first choice partner for entrepreneurs and inventors with ideas and products which are crazy enough to become the next big thing.

But why? And why now?

We’re fascinated by technology. Technology can make the biggest and fastest positive impact on the way we live.

Now, entrepreneurs have a huge advantage. Resources are more available than ever before. Entrepreneurs spend radically less time and resources building from scratch, replicating platforms and processes. Instead, time and funds can be focused on creating the new, the different, the thing that will change people’s behaviour for the better.

Today, the impossible is possible. It’s that simple.